Thursday, March 22, 2007

Marchin' on to Full PUG Status!

Last night we had yet another smokin' hot PUG meeting. I swear these things just keep getting better and better... and the festivities keep going longer and longer into the night. I don't think we left the studio until 1am! As always, many thanks are owed. To our amazing and lovely host, as well as Roundtable discussion leader, (not to mention RIT grad) Carla Ten Eyck!! Carla just rocks! She is so passionate about helping other photographers and is perhaps the funniest person we've ever met. She also came up with the INGENIUS idea to set up a photo booth for the end of our meeting. This was the coolest thing should've seen all of us piling in. We can't wait to see the pictures! eh hem, hint hint :)

And there's no way we could forget ** CT Wedding Photographer ** Steve DePino for an awesome, entertaining and informative presentation on improving your ** CT Wedding Photography ** website. rules! ** CT wedding photography! **

And of course to the whole group, for coming together and spreading the love! You guys all rock! (but Nikki definitely gets the trooper of the month award for coming out even though she had to catch a shuttle to JFK at 3:45 am! now that's dedication, baby! have fun in Aruba!!)

We had a bunch of new members join the ranks last night, which is always awesome!! Our good friend, Bruce Plotkin made the long trip from Weston, was such a blessing to have him there and to hear all incredible things he had to say about our (not so) little group. We ARE awesome! :)

Can't wait to see what next month brings!


carla ten eyck said...

Just posted some pics from the PUG meeting as well- can't wait to see our 'grid' o' fun on Pictage's site! I had such a great time and am mentally stalking you guys already! Let's get together when I get back from Vegas! Adios!

Matthew J. Wagner said...

Nice shot of my back! Does that make me the official PUG photo booth operator?

Justin Marantz said...

Ten Eyyyyck! Your pics ROCK babe! The grid o' fun is gonna be so sick! Be safe in Vegas and let us know when you're back!

MJW: I call that shot "Wagner Workin' It" are totally the official operator! .....and I'm going to tell everyone you used a Nikon to do it!

Autumn said...

ROCKIN! Love that shot of Krystal! I told hubby about not being a "puppy" anymore... he said "Whaaaat???"... oh well... at least we get it!

Laura Landau said...

Oh man!! I'm so bummed I missed this PUG, I was in Mexico! Looks like you guys had a great time. I'll have to plan my vacations around these nights! I'll see you at the next one. Move over CA, here comes CT!