Thursday, August 09, 2007

Check it out...

Sweet! It's less than a month to go until the Mountaineers take the field for the first game of the season! I was born and raised in West Virginia and I'm also a proud WVU alum, so as you can imagine I bleed blue & gold. And I've managed to make a true believer out of Justin too! Every year right after the bowl games in January, I start a countdown in my head until the next season begins... and now that it's within a month I just wanted to put up this little counter so that you guys can count down with me! We're going to be having a huge bash at our place complete with tons of Corona to welcome in the new season and you're all invited! :P USA Today has us ranked 6th in the country pre-season which is we're ready for an AMAZING season with Pat White, Steve Slaton, and all the rest of the gang!
Let's GOOOOOOOO!!! Mountaineers!!!!

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