Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Country Roads....Take me Home....

to the place...I BELOOOOOOOOONG. West Virginia! Mountain Mama...take me home, country roads!

photo by David Schultz

oh lordy day! Be so, sooo happy that you only had to read that and not listen to me sing it! I honestly couldn't carry a tune if I had THREE buckets! That being said, I did track down a killer dance mix of the song to play at the wedding and I'm sure there will be tons of tone deaf singing going on there!

Today we start the first leg of our crazy busy travel schedule for the next month and a half. We're driving the 12 hrs it takes to get to my little mountain home in a big Jeep so that we can load it all up with a ton of stuff we need for the wedding...including our favors, which I am super excited about.

My maid of honor (my aunt) is also throwing my "bridal tea" this weekend at her incredible house on their, oh, 40 acres of land in greenbrier county. I absolutely love going there! For all of you photographers out there, it's very near The Greenbrier if any of you have shot there before.

Here's a little piece of history for ya: The Greenbrier had a huge bunker built under it to house all of Congress in the event of nuclear attack during the cold war. Almost 600 people could survive down there for up to two years. It was supposed to be this big secret, but I had heard about it my entire life. And when they finally officially revealed it was down there, my family and I got to go on a tour of it. There is this one place in the hotel where an entire wall swings out to reveal a tunnel leading down into the bunker... and that's just ONE of the secret entrances! Crazy cool stuff!

So anyhoo, we'll be down home until next Monday. We're going to try our best to you can imagine, internet access can be hard to come by down there. But we've already mapped out all the Starbucks in WV. hahah it didn't take long...there is only one within a fifty mile radius of us! So don't forget to come back and keep our blog company while we're gone...just in case!


Holritz Photography said...

I am so sad! We could be seeing you tomorrow :( If only.....

:( Bleh.



Mary Bess said...

no, no, don't be sad!!! you have a (not so) little one starting school and that's super exciting stuff! he needs you around this week! and since time is in super fast-forward these days, that means that ParnterCon will be here in no time and then we'll get to play a ton! I can't wait!! Amaretto Sours here we come! :P


Carla Ten Eyck said...

I miss you guys!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures when you come back, or on the b-log, whichever comes first!!

Studio Foto said...

I hope the Buell's Orchard thing panned out. Can't wait for our pow wow :)

Dove Wedding Photography said...

It looks so beautiful! I hope you have a great time traveling... I just tagged you guys for a little blog game... Check out my blog to see it :)

-Whitney Carlson