Monday, August 27, 2007


Am I crazy or have you guys felt Fall in the air the past couple of days? Maybe it's just because fall is my absolute favorite season and I'm just wishful thinking....or MAYBE it's because the killer new Halloween remake comes out THIS FRIDAY and I can't wait!! It seems almost wrong to release this movie before Fall officially sets in, but on the other hand 1) I don't have to wait as long to see it and 2) if it makes it feel like fall sooner then I'm all for it! So, are we all going to go see it together this Friday night or what!? :)


Rnormfoto said...

I would SO be there if I didn't have a wedding (double weekend coming up!)

Nicole said...

I'm scared! :) You know me Mary - I can't watch stuff like that. Remember when you made me watch that movie with Michelle Pfieffer nd Harrison Ford? Yep, *still* have nightmares :P

I am super excited for fall too!

Studio Foto said...

Fall and winter are my FAVS also. I have not been a halloween buff (the movie that is) ever since the time I was baby sitting at a farm in the middle of the woods and I decided to watch halloween (I) by myself. Wouldn't you know but at a scary part a HUGE ram got out of the pen and bleated right at the window next to the TV. I didn't come of the celling for an hour. Yup strange things happen in the woods of Stafford. :)

PS. Have you seem "Decent" yet, its a good one?!

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Only Paul would have such a random freaking story about a ram!! Hmmm....I am such a baby about scary movies- remember Disturbia? But there is something that I love about the whole getting scared thing- the rush! If I am still in one piece after this shyte move then I may consider it!