Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Super Bad & the Super Talented Naomi Martinez and Janice Raccio

Last night we headed up to the studio of the fabulous Naomi Martinez (who has done makeup for the likes of the Tyra Banks Show and Ms. Grace Ormonde) for my makeup trial with the equally fabulous Janice Raccio. Janice will be doing my makeup for the wedding and we got to go through the whole process last night, INCLUDING... fake eyelashes!

Can I just say... I heart fake eyelashes! They are so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking some up. :) (I also heart Ferris Bueller!)

Janice and Naomi are both just the sweetest people you will ever meet! They are the most genuine, down to earth people and I could tell the second I met them what big hearts they both must have. I feel so blessed to have them helping out with the wedding (especially since Janice was actually booked for that day, but got a cancellation right before I met her. How lucky am I?!)

Here's a shot of Janice workin' it at Faye & Stu's wedding:

So after I got all glam, we decided to give Carla a call since we were up in her neck of the woods. She was up for some fun so we all went to see the late showing of SuperBad together. hahahah what can I say about this movie? well, not much really from the actual movie since this is a G rated blog...but let's just say it is both SUPER funny and SUPER baaaaaaaad. I think all three of us were in a state of constant blush for at least the first 30 minutes. I honestly didn't know they could even say some of that stuff in movies anymore!! hahahah and there goes the blushing again!

I am McLovin!

Gotta run...Alana & Dan are back from their honeymoon and they're heading over for some Turkish food and scary movies (neither of which do they know about yet!)


Carla Ten Eyck said...

OY! That movie was so freaking hilarious, I am STILL laughing, and blushing, intermittently. I think seeing it with the frat house crowd we saw it with was really funny as well- that guy next to us was the King Laugher of all laughers. Can you imagine seeing it with Paul & Steve on either side of you? Who would be louder? Actually Paul totally would, Steve would be too busy blushing! SO glad you called, that was aweosme!!

Jasmine said...

I wanna see the final makeup choices!! :) I'm a total girl, aren't I?! And, yes, fake eyelashes are a bride's best friend~

Vanessa said...

PLEASE tell me that you took a shot of "gold digger" everytime the bad guy crept up on someone!!!

And I want to see the makeup too!