Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Very Disturbing! (Mr. Shia Labeouf in action!)

Last night 10ike came over to join us and Joey & Brian for some crazy fun Disturbia action and Chili's take out. All 5 of us piled onto our couch with bowls upon bowls of kettle corn to watch the movie. It was soooo good! The movie itself was pretty good, but what made it awesome was all of us screaming out loud and then laughing til our bellies hurt at what wimps we all are! Good times, GREAT friends!

this one's for you C! (Mr. Shia Labeouf in action!)

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Carla Ten Eyck said...

mmmmm Shia LeBouf! I love him!! So super funny and kinda sexy too! ;) Yes, I totally did just write that!! I had so much fun with you guys- it was just the heart-pumping break I needed! You guys are the best!