Tuesday, August 07, 2007

CT PUG Retreat is finally here!!

We're gearing up to head back to the lake for the big CT PUG retreat!! This is going to be a killer coupla days!! Here is a glimpse at just some of the fun with our hot, hot, hot line-up of speakers:

Rockin out Day 1
Steve DePino: "Beyond Great Images"
Amanda Harris & Amy Ross Jacob: "Lightroom Workflow"
Pam Moan: "Pricing"
Carla Ten Eyck: "Shoot out on Directing"
Leslie Dumke: "Shoot out on Trusting your gut"

Kicking off Day 2
Justin & Mary: "Be the Brand"
Paul McNerney: "Digital Asset Management"
Krystal Prue: "Killer Album Design"
Bill & Marleen Caferelli: "Advanced Final Cut Pro"
Jacklyn Greenberg: "Shoot out on composition"

Of course we left plenty of time for chillin, swimming, kayaking, and just sheer relaxing in the incredble Berkshire Mountains!! I can't wait to show you guys all the fun when we get back!! Wish us luck for no poison ivy or rabid killer beavers!!


Dove Wedding Photography said...

A PUG retreat! How fun! What a great idea. I hope you have a great time- wish I could come!


Sarah Barlow said...

Ohhh..I wish we could have PUG retreats!! haha! I guess I'll just have to come to yours sometime! :)

Mary Bess said...

Hey Whitney!!

Oh I so wish you guys could've come!! It was an awesome time and I think you would love this group of people. SO awesome! just like you!


Mary Bess said...

Sarah you should TOTALLY come hang out with our PUG sometime! We'd love to have you come speak to the group ...perhaps on your savvy investing skills!


Carla Ten Eyck said...

What an incredible time our retreat was! Thank you Mary & Justin for all of your hard work in planning it- it was so worth it- if only to finally convince me to go to LA! ;) Now, when's the NEXT one?

Mary Bess said...

sweeet! you're going for sure? are those bags packed? that flight booked? show me the proof Mrs! :)


Laura Landau said...

The retreat was AMAZING! Mary & Justin, you guys rock, I should have gotten your autograph when I had the chance! You are off to wonderful places in this life. Thanks so much for your inspiration and your friendship!