Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tag...you're it!!

We've just been tagged by the absolutely adorable Whitney Carlson in this fun blog game that's going around where we have to list 8 random things about ourselves that you might not know and then tag some other photographers to get in on the fun! Here goes...

1) Mary gets SERIOUSLY grossed out (we're talking major gag reflex here) by small things in clumps. Inside of a green pepper, bees on a hive, ewww those fish clumps in the hatcheries...you get the idea. She once got a dozen roses that she couldn't stand to look at because there were spores on the back of the ferns. ICK!!

2) Justin never closes a cabinet door. When left to his own devices, our kitchen ends up looking like that scene in the 6th sense where the mom walks back in and all the doors are open. you know what i'm talking about. He says it's because 1) he hates loud sounds and 2)he likes to multi-task by pushing it as he's walking away. This combo means they never quite get closed (or even come close).

3) Mary leaves bowls of milk on the nightstand for obscenely long lengths of time. and yes, she knows just how gross this is. :)

4) Justin is OBSESSED with his 1989 Nissan 300ZX (that he cruised around in back in high school...he was SUCH a heartbreaker) or any other "Z" he sees on the road for that matter...and he insists on pointing every single one out to me.

5) Mary once double dared HERSELF (lame!) to walk out into the middle of a frozen pond to see if it was skate-worthy for all of her friends and fell right smack dab through the middle. None of her friends could get to her and she kept falling back through the ice every time she tried to pull herself out. Let's just say it was a close call!

6) We are addicted to Subway subs and eat them pretty much every single day for lunch. We're not really sure why.

7) We were in London during the 2005 bombings...on our way to the tube, in fact, right before it happened. Thank goodness I always spend that extra 5 (ahem 15) minutes on my hair!

8)Every single time Justin leaves the house to drive somewhere, even if for just a few minutes, I tell him the following four things: 1) go slow, 2) stay in the right lane, 3) check your blind spot, 4) don't forget that seatbelt. I'm pretty certain that he totally ignores at least half of these, but it's become sort of a superstition thing (like baseball players jumping over the foul line) and now I have to say it every time to keep up the safety streak! OCD much?

Nice! That was fun! Now we're gonna tag....

Amanda Harris
Brian Khang
Steve DePino
Studio Foto
David Jay
Nathan & Amber Holritz
Regina Holder
Heather Colt


Carla Ten Eyck said...

Very nice, and very random! Love it! I was just tagged by Jason Lanier and tagged Studio Foto, maybe a double tagging is what those 2 need to post!! Go on then, GIT! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! :)

melissakoehlerphotography said...

Love the info. This tag game is really getting around :)

Derek said...

My Comments:

1) Hahahaha
2) I'm the same way about closing them as I go by...
3) Ewwwww
4) Yeah, he was just like Zack Morris in high school (he wishes)
5) At least you're safe!
6) Ewwwww
7) By 15 you meant 50 minutes, right?
8) Those are some great rules to live (and drive) by.

haha, I said drive-by. =P See ya

Heather Colt said...

LOL im gonna get to my tagging.. Carla watch out i may hit you again!

Davina said...

You two are so hilarious! I love the way you did your tag. It's funny because I can just see you talking on a couch...like the end of "When Harry Met Sally". (Ummm...does that reveal a little too much about my age? lol.)

regina holder said...

Everything you do is fun! You do have some weird hang ups, though!

Now I have to get to thinking.

Justin Marantz said...

hahah Davina I can TOTALLY see that! That's one of Mary's favorite movies too!


Holritz Photography said...

Woo Hoo!!!!! Subway rocks!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

- N